Redeeming my organizational access on the app

This article refers to subscribers who access Foreign Policy via their organization and want to use Foreign Policy’s mobile app. If you are unsure how your organization accesses Foreign Policy, contact your internal account manager or contact Foreign Policy at


Foreign Policy access through organizations is accomplished either through your organizational email or your organization’s IP network. If you use your organizational email (like a work or university email) to access Foreign Policy, you can use the same login credentials that you use on the website to access mobile app content.


If you access Foreign Policy via your organization's IP network, then please follow the instructions below.

How to redeem IP network access to the mobile app

  1. While connected to your organization's network, download the Foreign Policy app – more information and download links available here.
  2. While still connected to your organization's network, open the app and click on any article. You should see a screen with login options and a note that says You are eligible for Digital access to Foreign Policy on behalf of your organization, [Organization Name]. Create an account to proceed.  

3. If you do not have an existing account – 

Click the Create an Account option and follow the directions on the screen. Make sure the box for Redeem Foreign Policy access provided by my organization, [Organization Name] is checked, as shown below.

If you already have an existing account – 

Click the Log In option and follow the instructions. Once you finish inputting your information, you will see a screen with an option to Enable Access. Click on that button to get started.

If you are encountering issues when attempting these steps, please contact us at