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Insider subscription benefits

The Insider subscription is designed for FP readers who want to get the most out of their Foreign Policy access with extra features and exclusive content. Benefits include bonus dispatches from reporters and editors, FP Live transcripts, ad-free browsing, a free 6-month gift subscription for a friend or colleague, and more benefits, in addition to the benefits of the digital + print subscription. Please see here for more information. 

Benefits of the Insider Subscription include:

  • All the benefits you get in Annual Digital + Print PLUS
  • Insider-only articles
  • FP Live transcripts
  • Ad-free web browsing
  • Curated reading lists
  • Free 6-month gift subscription
  • Direct access to staff
  • A vital role in supporting FP’s journalism


Redeeming the free 6-month gift subscription

Insider subscribers are eligible for one free 6-month gift subscription every one year period starting on the date of purchase. Please reach out to and a member of our customer support team will help you set up access for your gift recipient within 72 hours.

Note: Group subscribers on an Insider plan are not eligible for this benefit.