Claim a missing print magazine

Foreign Policy works closely with our distribution partners to ensure timely delivery of customers’ print magazines. 

Foreign Policy's print editions are published on a quarterly basis. You can expect to receive our Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall editions each January, April, July, and October, respectively.

First, please ensure that print magazine delivery is included in your subscription by checking your subscription eligibility and ensuring you are properly opted in for delivery.


How to claim a missing print magazine

If you have not received your print delivery by the end of its respective month, please file a claim to receive a replacement. To do so, please visit our print claims form. You will need to sign in to your Foreign Policy subscription account in order to file a claim.

Once the form is submitted, the claimed issue(s) will be shipped to the address inputted in the form. Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing and delivery to the United States and up to 6 weeks for international processing and delivery.

Note: You will need to file one claim for each missing print issue. After submitting the form, click Go Back on the confirmation page in order to file another claim.